Music Resume

Music Director, Putnam Baptist Church (1989-present)   
Works and sings with adult choir and does (solo) Sunday special music monthly, weddings, funeral music, and various special local events.  Also leads a children's choir

Thompson Recreation: Senior Luncheon Concert and Children's Halloween Ice Cream Social 
 60 minutes of Broadway songs for the seniors and for the children 20 minutes of Halloween songs and 20 minutes of storytelling, including a shadowcasting. October, 2006

Charlton Masonic Home: 3 one hour concerts
2005, 2006

Southbridge Festival of Trees for Cancer Research
, 45 minutes of Christmas songs, December, 2004

Durocher, Sievard and Pike
A Musical Smorgasbord Concert, in Putnam CT and Chepatchet RI (2004)

Wachusett Theater Co. at the FoothillsTheater, Worcester, Ma.
Chorus of "Anything Goes" (2002)

Williamantic Orchestra/Millenium Festival Chorus
Beethoven's 9th Symphony (2001)

Summer Music Festival, Inc.   
Carmina Burana, chorus, Elijah (2001), chorus and duet

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